Are There Warning Signs That Can Alert Homeowners They Need to Have Their Pool Liner Replaced?

Any swimming pool is going to require some form of maintenance. Pools with vinyl liners are no exception. Though vinyl liners are meant to last up to fifteen years, they can begin to experience issues that cause a homeowner to start considering a vinyl liner replacement. If a liner has reached the end of its life, prompt replacement will ensure the swimming pool continues to look its best and provides a safe oasis for family fun.

If the liner becomes torn in any area, it is wise for the homeowner to have the entire liner replaced, especially if the liner is over ten years old. A swimming pool repair technician can come out and inspect the liner to see if it can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

Over years of sun exposure, a pool liner will begin to fade. Fading generally means the protective outer coatings of the vinyl have become worn down. This degree of damage results in a liner that is brittle and more likely to become damaged. Pool owners should inspect their pool liner each season before they open their pool to determine if fading or other issues have occurred.

When water loss becomes a noticeable issue, the vinyl liner could be to blame. Evaporation and splash loss typically go unnoticed. If a pool is losing more than an inch of water each week, this likely means there is a tear in the liner that is allowing water to leak out.

Wrinkles and stretching both occur as a liner grows older. With exposure to the sun and pool chemicals, the liner can begin to bunch up or become overly stretched in certain areas. This is not an issue that can be repaired. A qualified pool expert can remove the old liner and replace it so the pool is properly protected and looks aesthetically pleasing.

If you are a homeowner who has noticed your pool’s liner is no longer offering full protection and beauty for your pool, there is help to be found through vinyl liner pool construction. The pool experts can help a homeowner to improve the beauty and protection of their pool with a stunning new vinyl liner.

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